A couple of months ago, former FEMA head Craig Fugate said “In the case of almost any disaster, the fastest response will be from your neighbor.” We are seeing this play out in reality in Houston. From The Cajun Navy, to Social Media, and every citizen out there with a boat making rescues, we are truly seeing neighbors in action helping one another.

Mr. Fugate went on to say “In a nutshell, we must include giving the people back a sense of control in our preparedness planning. We need to give people the OK to help one another, and give businesses the OK — and the resources — to get back on track so they can help those people who cannot help themselves.”

Is Harvey at benchmark event? Will this be the event that changes the way disasters are managed? Pulse Point has seen some success by notifying those who can help with someone who needs help. We are witnessing this on a grand scale in Houston. Why are we limiting our response to Police, Fire, and EMS. In large disaster is has been proven over and over again that First Responders cannot handle the surge. Even with outside support and state and federal support there are not enough.


Craig Fugate has been an advocate of whole community response and de-centralizing disaster response from the federal government in involve the private sector, volunteers and private citizens. Here is a great article and Q&A with Craig Fugate about these ideas –

It’s time safety and security became personal. Stop relying on First Responders for everything, they are minutes away when seconds count. There are not enough when 56,000 people call for help in 15 hours. The Mayor says not to evacuate, he does not control your life, if you feel the need to leave, then leave. Start taking some ownership in your safety and security. Understand what your threats are, learn about those threats, look at the history of those threats and come to a conclusion that fits your and your family’s needs. When you are prepared it means you can help others. The more people that are prepared the more than can help others and that is how you get to the most successful outcome.

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