Because Communication is one of the most important aspects of Emergency Preparedness, we have tried to make it easy to communicate with us here at ReadyOne and with each other. We employ several communication methods from basic email to secure messaging. As with communication after an emergency, choosing the proper method of delivery is important.

For most everything, basic email through our contact form or email address is sufficient. If it is an urgent or sensitive inquiry please feel free to email us at our secure email or message us with Wire (you will need to setup an account with Wire).

At Ready One we use several email address to support our members. Please use the one that best suits your needs.

Primary: – Used for general day to day use. Most communication will be done using this email.

Secure: – Secure email address provided by Protonmail. If sending private information to us, please use this email. If we need to send secure info to our members, it will come from this email. When reading an encrypted email from us and you are not using ProtonMail, you will need to answer a question, the Answer is _________

Support: – Support for ReadyOne Members before, during, or after an incident.

We use a secure messaging service called Wire. You can signup free for Wire and use an email (no phone number needed) and use it from phone, tablet, computer or browser. It has true end to end encryption with it’s code provided publicly for review on GitHub

Wire: @ReadyOne

For one way notifications from ReadyOne you can text ReadyOne to 31996. If there is critical info we feel you need or important updates we will use this and advise on the next course of action.

Text: ReadyOne to 31996

Zello is a powerful tool when used correctly. It is push to talk VOIP service using your mobile phone. At ReadyOne we have several channels for our members to use. These channels are only open to our members. You will need to download the app, signup and then add these channels.

General Discussion: ReadyOne General Discussion – General discussion and get to know each other

Breaking News: ReadyOne Breaking News – For real time discussion on current incidents

Member Support: ReadyOne Member Support – Support for ReadyOne Members before, during, or after an incident

Radio communications can be a tricky detail. Do you go completely legal with GMRS and crummy radios, use Amateur Radio (HAM) or ignore legalities and just do what you feel like. As a member of ReadyOne you no longer must make the decision. We have access to several UHF Industrial Frequencies. These frequencies are in the nationwide itinerant pool of frequencies, meaning they can be be used anywhere in the United States.

Currently we have one repeater pair and 3 simplex UHF frequencies. As we add more members will will add more frequencies. As a member of ReadyOne you are authorized to use these frequencies on radios you own. You cannot share these frequencies with people outside this organization. If you cancel you membership you are no longer authorized to use these frequencies.

You may use these frequencies in analog or digital mode and program a repeater with them as well. You may choose your own CTCSS, DCS, or Color Codes. Please be aware, these are itinerant frequencies, meaning other organizations have been assigned these frequencies as well. There is the possibility that they may be operating in your area.

Repeater Out – 464.5500 (May be used as a simplex if you are not operating a repeater)
Repeater In – 469.5500
Simplex 1 – 466.0875
Simplex 2 – 466.2125
Simplex 3 – 466.3625

While non-secure, Social Media can provide a good place to communicate among members in a known environment. Our site is open for anyone to join and we would encourage our members to welcome non-members, help educate and encourage them to join ReadyOne. We will not post a lot of info on these pages, we would like people to become members to enjoy the benefits you are already receiving.