The following are resources that can help you in your Awareness, Preparedness and ability to Respond to an incident.

Hazard Assessment Tool
The Hazard Assessment Tool is a tool that is similar to what many organizations use to determine what hazards or threats will affect them the most. The one we have here has been modified for individuals rather than organizations. There is a Word Document with some instructions and tips on how to complete this tool.

Hazard Assessment Tool – Instructions 289 KB
Hazard Assessment Tool – ReadyOne 30 KB

The following are templates you may use to start documenting important information. You may print them out and handwrite in or you may use Adobe Reader to complete the forms.

External Emergency Contacts 22 KB
External Meeting Locations 34 KB
External Resources 36 KB
Family Member Information 52 KB
Financial Information 30 KB
Home and Utility Information 30 KB
Pet Information 22 KB
Radio Communications 37 KB
Vehicle Information 27 KB